Christmas Tree Varieties

Nordmann Fir - Abies Nordmanniana

The Nordmann Fir is now the most popular Christmas trees. They are a full shape and very bushy, with soft glossy needles. Nordmann Fir have fantastic needle holding properties.

Norway Spruce - Picea Abies

This is a traditional Christmas tree with a lovely Christmassy smell. It is a beautiful tree, but it needs more care than the Firs to retain its needles for the season.

Blue Spruce - Picea Pungens Glauca

Similar in appearance to the Norway Spruce. These trees have a more rigid shape and very sharp needles. They have a wonderful blue colour and strong smell.

Lodgepole Pine - Pinus Contorta

A very different shape to a traditional tree. They have long needles with excellent needle retention. Very similar to the Scots Pine.

Fraser Fir - Abies Fraseri

Fraser Firs are very popular in America and are becoming readily available in the UK. They have good needle holding properties with a fresh citrus fragrance. The needles are short and soft, and the tree has a narrow, compact shape. They are ideal for smaller spaces.